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In 1970, a young Roger Voegtlin founded Fairhaven Baptist Church. It met weekly in the Sandpiper Restaurant that was operated by the late John Setser, in the building which is now the Chesterton Moose Lodge. Today, as it sits on a multi-million dollar campus at 86 E Oak Hill Road near the Gateway to the Dunes, many consider it a cult.

Some were abused more than others. Some physical, some mental. This project seeks to find the truth of Fairhaven Baptist Church and document the many stories of life inside and life outside of Fairhaven.

Some have found God in a whole new light. Some have found forgiveness. Some want nothing to do with God or no longer believe altogether.

This film is our story. The good, the bad, the ugly of it all.

But from the darkness, can something rise more beautiful than what was given? Can we still find the true Jesus, or are we too broken?

Q & A

Is this an anti-God film?

Absolutely not! We are Christians that seek to shed light on one particular man who has done very specific things that he attributes to God. The darkness of god that we allude to in the title of the film does not refer to God as being dark, but is a reference to men making an idol of god or church in their own image and doing evil things in the name of God. We believe that God is light and in God there is no darkness. The darkness in this film is completely man made. Unfortunately, God’s name gets attached to it.

Are you seeking to make a profit from this film?

No, none at all. All proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization that some survivors are seeking to form in order to offer assistance to victims that have been abused by Roger Voegtlin and Fairhaven Baptist Church.

What can you do to help?

Tell your story. Offer research materials to the filmmakers. Provide assistance to victims who wish to speak out.

Will you be able to offer tax deductions for donations?

Although we had a partner organization, Fractured Atlas, offering this option to us at one time, that option and assistance is no longer available. Any donations made are no longer tax deductible. All gifts are appreciated and go directly to the costs associated with research at this time. 


We are a small group that seeks to research, film, document and shed light on what has happened at Fairhaven Baptist Church and the lives that have been affected.

We are setting up interviews, raising funds, and collecting documents.  If you have a story to tell, or can help in any way please use the contact form and connect with us.



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